Thursday, February 24, 2011

My new lunch bag

I made a new lunch bag to take to my part-time retail job.  I was bringing my lunch to work in a left over grocery bag, and it was hard to distinguish it from the 20 other grocery bag lunches in the fridge with it.  I don't think I can miss this one!

It's made with two different patterned oil cloth (what's the plural of oil cloth?!?) and lined with a shower curtain.  It's insulated with InsulBrite from the Warm Company, and it's used for thermal insulation-keeping cold things cold!  (Hopefully.)  I used this tutorial from The Long Thread.  I altered mine from the pattern by making mine wider, changing the strap, and adding a top flap.  I wanted to used waterproof material so I could wipe it down to clean it if it got messy.  The strap I actually cannibalized off one of those reusable bags you buy at the grocery store. 

This was my first time using oil cloth and shower curtain in sewing.  I found it a lot easier to work with the products than I was expecting.  It's stiffer, which is nice for the structure of the bag, but sewing and cutting it wasn't hard at all.  The problem came when I turned the bag right side out.  My shower curtain liner ripped more and more as I turned the bag right side out to finish it.  There ended up being a rip in the lining about 7 inches long.  So, I just got some red duct tape to cover it up.  It matches, so it's all good...Right?

I originally wanted red apples instead of green apples on the oil cloth, but I was sent the green by mistake.  My husband says it looks fine, and it's grown on me now.  I'm excited to use it at work!

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