Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Valentine's Day Fun

My husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday the 19th due to scheduling conflicts.  We made cupcakes together and watched a movie.

For our cupcakes we used Pillsbury's Super Moist Vanilla cake mix.  (I know, I know.)  We added tiny pieces of strawberries and baked them into the batter.  For the frosting we made Mark Bittman's Butter Cream Frosting, and we added Ghiradelli's mini chocolate chips.  Richard was in charge of the frosting and he did a great job!  Vanilla with Strawberry Cupcakes with Chocolate Chip Butter Cream Frosting!! They were great.  Especially when Richard added bourbon to the frosting for the last 4 cupcakes.  :)

We went to see Unknown starring Liam Neeson.  This was an odd movie.  It was a good movie with excellent cast, but it wasn't original.  It was a cross between Bourne Identity and Neeson's other movie Taken.  Great effects and fight scenes though.

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