Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Log Cabin Stockings...The Beginning

When at my in-laws for Christmas, my MIL mentioned that she wanted to get new stockings for all the new family and so the heirloom stockings get a break.  Well, since my mom is a quilter and sewer, I don't think we ever had a Christmas with commercially-bought stockings.  I volunteered to make the stockings for her.  I may have gotten myself in over my head, but it would mean a lot to me if we could use the stockings I made.  I know they appreciate hand-crafted things as well.

I'm following a pattern I love of my mom's, so creatively called "Log Cabin Christmas Stocking."  Since I have to make 6 of these babies, I'm planning to piece everything first, then assemble the stockings all together.  Then, I have something special in mind for the embellishments!

Without further ado, this is the first of six stockings, in it's first phase:
The fabric is some Riley Blake Christmas fabric and some hand-me-down scraps from Mom.  Here's a close up of the snowmen and trees:

The back of the stocking will be the snowmen fabric.  The inside lining (for all six) will be red Kona Solid.

My music-to-craft-by today was Ottorino Respighi's Roman Trilogy: Pines of Rome, Fountains of Rome and Roman Festival.


  1. I love those stockings! And it's so much fun to share our holiday traditions with others. I like the fabric! It looks like they will turn out great!

  2. Thanks Ann! All 6 stockings will be a mix of more traditional and more modern (like this one).