Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paisley Wallet-My First!

Yesterday I made my first wallet!  I had two fabrics in my stash (the paisley and the stars) that I was saving for a wallet, so I finally sat down and made it.  I got some measurements from a purchased pattern, some from a similar (leather) wallet I purchased on sale, and the rest I just measured and eyeballed and cut as I went.  My wallet has an applique embellishment, quilting on the outer fabric, 16 card slots, 4 money slots, and a zippered coin purse.  Here are the pictures:

I've loosely typed up what I did, so hopefully if (when?) I make another one I can go back to it.  A couple of things I'll definitely change: a different interfacing, and 1/4 wider overall.  I used Steam-a-Seam because I had it on hand, and I generally like how stiff it made the card and money slots, but it didn't really work to interface the base and outer pieces.  Also, I need to cut the interfacing so it isn't included in the outside seam allowance.  I need to make it 1/4 wider overall and possibly taller so I can topstitch around the whole thing.  I just like how it looks.  I may or may not quilt the next one.  I needed it for structure, but I think I would rather just find a different interfacing or other product.

Here's my Craftster post for this wallet:

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